About Astec Loudon

The company manufactures the Gefco VR-500, a vertical rig for oil and gas drilling.  The VR-500 features 500,000 lbs (2.26 tonnes)  thrust and pullback force with a small jobsite footprint. The rig, powerpacks, driller’s cabin, and pipe handler can be transported in only 10 loads for quick setup. The unit is easily operated by two to three crew members.

The VR-500 provides optimum bit load from initial surface contact throughout the entire drilling operation. Operators can immediately start a horizontal curve after surface penetration, which allows greater access to shallow formations. The VR-500 can drill at extremely shallow depths since it uses rack and pinion thrust rather than gravity to load the drill bit.

The design of the VR-500 eliminated many traditional drilling components, such as cables, tongs, and catheads, which reduces the potential for injuries and downtime. Standard operating procedures limit the need for crew members to be on the drilling floor, which contributes to improved jobsite safety.

In 2012, the company introduced the Astec DP 2000 Double Pumper, a high-pressure, high-volume double fluid pumper for servicing natural gas or petroleum wells. The 1,900-horsepower unit is capable of a maximum discharge pressure of 15,000 psi and a maximum flow rate of 19.6 barrels per minute @3734 psi. It debuted to the public at the Permian Basin International Oil Show in Odessa, Texas in October, 2012.

The company is exploring the development of companion products for well servicing.

All products are manufactured at the company’s 360,000-square-foot facility in Loudon, Tennessee in the United States of America. The company also produces selected components for several of the other Astec companies’ product lines and selected other companies.