Directional Drills

Maxi-Rig Horizontal Directional Drills
Maxi-Rig DD625

Maxi-Rig Horizontal Directional Drills

We offer track machines or trailer or skid mounted configurations. Each drill is designed with maximum horsepower, ability to maintain a long work life and for versatile use.


  • Field proven Rack & Pinion design with unsurpassed durability
  • Industry leading thrust/pullback capabilities
  • Superior structural strength of the Thrust Frame
  • Full Wrench travel for the length of Thrust Frame (excludes DD-210)
  • Dedicated pumps for rotary and thrust
  • Wiggle Steer®
  • Run-On-One-Technology System (ROOTS) capable (excludes DD-210)
  • Worldwide parts and technical Service Support

Mid Size Horizontal Directional Drills

Self-contained drilling systems with field-proven designs, mobility and flexibility. These Mid-Size rigs are guaranteed to succeed on the toughest trenchless jobs all over the world. You can count on performance, durability, and low down-time.