GEFCO Drill Rigs

GEFCO Drill Rigs
GEFCO Drill Rigs
GEFCO Drill Rigs

GEFCO is a world leader in the design and manufacture of portable drilling rigs and related equipment for the water well, environmental, groundwater monitoring, construction, mining and shallow oil & gas exploration and production industries.


The GEFCO 500K  is the most advanced and easy-to-operate rig in the world.  The safe, efficient operation keeps your 2-3 man crew out of Danger Zones!  Only ten loads for the rig, power packs, Driller's Cabin and Pipe Handler makes for fast mobility, fast rig up and fast rig down while leaving a small foot print.

The GEFCO 500K has a hook load of 500,000 lbs. (226 Tonnes).  The Top Head Drive, Rack & Pinion rig also features a Slip Spindle, prolonging the life of the pipe threads.  The GEFCO 500K is equipped with a Self-Erecting Driller's Control Cabin, Hydraulic Wrenches for Make Up & Break Out, Driller's Cabin operated Pipe Handling System, 27 1/2 in. (698.5 mm) Master Bushing and Accommodates Range III Drill Pipe as well as Drill Collars & Casing to 20 in. (508 mm).


The GEFCO 300K, is a highly portable unit that features quick set up and occupies less area than conventional drill rigs.  It has state-of-the-industry design with remote monitoring of all functions possible through the internet. 

Although the 300K is especially designed for drilling in a confined space, it is a great package for multiple applications. All electric over hydraulic controls, many of them automated for safe operation with minimal labor requirements.

Excellent for horizontal and vertical drilling. Designed for Range-3 drillpipe and casing. 1100 HPU separate power pack is remote controlled and powered by two 550 hp CAT C-18 engines. One engine can operate all rig functions. Unit is connected through a series of quick-connected hydraulic hoses.


The GEFCO 200K, has all the benefits of a modern top head drive drill with all the muscle of your conventional drill.  With 51 ft. of working space above the table and 196,400 lbs (90,719 kg) of top head hoist with speeds around 140 FPM, this drill can get the deep jobs done fast.

The GEFCO 200K is the perfect design for vertical and directional  drilling in the Coal Bed Methane Industry.  The only rig in its class with the ease and efficiency of racking pipe.

Rig the GEFCO 200K on its specially designed substructure and you have nearly 10 ft. of space below the table with a drill that can handle the job fast and efficiently.


The GEFCO 135 has been a popular drill for over 30 years in the shallow water well, geo-thermal and shallow exploration industries. With 10,900 lbs. single line pull and maximum hook load just over 30,000 lbs., it’s the perfect drill for the residential water well and geo thermal contractor. This all-hydraulic powered, rotary table drill has several mud pump and compressor options to meet the needs of any driller. That combined with the speed and pull of conventional drawworks makes this drill a quick hitting, reliable unit.


The GEFCO 50K, has all the benefits of the GEFCO 30K with more capacity.  With 50,000 lbs. of top head hoist, a wider mast and table this drill can handle large casing loads associated with shallow municipal water wells and deep residential water wells with ease.

The GEFCO 50K has the same features that have made the 30K a leader including;  a single rod loader for quick and safe connections, air operated compressor clutch for fuel savings and noise reduction during times when air is not needed.


A proven performer around the world, the GEFCO 40 is a very simple design and easy to maintain. The design allows for adaptation of a variety of large portable mud pumps and stand-alone support equipment. The triple drum drawworks rated with a max hook load of 116,000 lbs. and a single line pull of 22,000 lbs. complete with a hydromatic brake, can handle the load of the toughest wells. The optional chain drive pulldown allows adequate whole stabilization for drilling and setting large diameter surface pipe. With a 40 ft. kelly and 60 ft. of working space above the table, this drill is ready for large water well and shallow oil and gas work anywhere in the world.


The flagship of the GEFCO water well line is the 30K. This drill is known world wide in the water well industry for its reliability, durability and ease of operation making the 30K the leader in its class. Several items that make the 30K stand above it’s rivals are:

  • 25,000 lbs. single line winch over the jib combined with the hydraulic rod spinner makes tool handling and tripping the hole fast and easy.
  • Single rod loader for quick and safe connections.
  • Air operated compressor clutch for fuel savings and noise reduction during times when air is not needed.
  • Field proven PTO design reducing maintenance costs and noise.
  • Superior closed loop hydraulic system.


The GEFCO 22 unit is mounted on a standard tandem axle truck. It is PTO powered and geared toward large mud drilling projects. Yet is compact enough to get into tight locations. With a maximum hook load of 66,250 lbs. and single line pull of 18,000 lbs., this drill is not short on power. Order yours with an 18” retractable table with one of the many mud pump options and you can tackle just about any job. The GEFCO 22 has an optional reverse drilling package making it an excellent 300-500 ft. large diameter drill.