Osborn exports first mineral sizer to Kazakhstan

Osborn exports first mineral sizer to Kazakhstan

South African mining equipment specialist Osborn has secured an export order to Kazakhstan, for an Osborn Mineral Sizer that will be employed by Kazakhaltyn Mining-Metallurgical Concern (MMC) in its kimberlite mining operation.

Osborn marketing director Martin Botha reveals that this order is a significant one as it is the first Osborn Mineral Sizer to be exported to Kazakhstan. “It reflects our growing success in the region, where we already have numerous Osborn machines in operation.” Botha credits Osborn’s very pro-active Russian and Kazakhstan agents with the inroads that the company is making in Kazakhstan, and notes that the distributor secured this order for an Osborn Mineral Sizer that will replace jaw crushers at a kimberlite mine.

“Working with our agent, we have identified great potential for Osborn's robust, high quality machines in these territories. Our customers in these regions are very comfortable working with Osborn, as they are aware of our excellent reputation in this specialised market, based on the number of machines that we have operating successfully in the mining industries in both South Africa and Russia," he says.

Botha explains that Kazakhaltyn MMC currently has jaw crushers in operation at its kimberlite mine, but is replacing these with the new Osborn Mineral Sizer, which is ideally suited to the wet, claylike material being processed. “In winter, which is very wet in this region, the jaw crushers are inefficient. They are unable to crush the muddy run of mine material, and production has come to a standstill as a result. Kazakhaltyn decided to replace the jaw crushers with a different machine, and identified the Osborn Mineral Sizer as the perfect primary crusher for this material and these conditions.”

Osborn’s range of Mineral Sizers boast a design that can be configured to a range of twin shaft sizers. They have a heavy duty low profile design capable of handling high tonnages. “The low profile and small footprint of these machines makes them ideal for primary tips where the mine doesn't want a huge installation as is required by a big gyratory or jaw crusher,” Botha expands.

He says that one of the biggest advantages of a mineral sizer is that it keeps most of the dynamic loads within the framework of the machine, which means much lighter foundations and much lower installation costs compared to a conventional crusher system. The Osborn Mineral Sizer can be configured to operate in two ways, depending on the material output size required. “As a primary crusher, for example, as at Kazakhaltyn, rotation of the breaker shafts will be towards the centre of the machine, but by reversing the rotation of the breaker shafts towards the sides of the machine and changing the tooth or segment configuration, it can be used as a secondary or tertiary crusher.”

Osborn will ship Kazakhaltyn MMC’s new Mineral Sizer in two pieces, and Osborn technicians will be on site to handle the assembly, installation and commissioning of the machine.