Roadtec Material Transfer Vehicles

MTV Shuttle Buggy

The MTV-1000 material transfer vehicle, like the Shuttle Buggy® models, is capable of transferring while reblending paving material to allow for continuous in-line paving. The patented, offset gravity transfer provides reblending of asphalt materials just before they are delivered to the paver, eliminating truck-end segregation.

With an optional windrow attachment, the MTV-1000D can pick up material from a windrow and transfer it to the paver. Non-uniform compaction, raveling and stripping can be traced back to temperature differentials in the mix. However, the MTV-1000 with its re-mixing technology can eliminate differences in mix temperature and material segregation. The MTV-1000 uses the transition between the truck unloading and the paver loading conveyors as a remixing point. Larger cooler aggregate that may have rolled to the sides of the conveyor are forced back to the center and redistributed throughout the mix.

The SB-1500 Shuttle Buggy® material transfer vehicle features a low weight and narrower wheel base. It can store up to 13.6 MT of asphalt mix, allowing haul vehicles to unload as soon as they arrive. This substantially reduces trucking costs. The SB-1500 features an end dump hopper or an optional windrow pickup head. It also features the patented anti-segregation auger which remixes materials for aggregate and temperature segregation. Non-uniform compaction, raveling and stripping can be traced back to temperature and aggregate differentials in the mix. However, the triple-pitch auger flighting design used in Roadtec Shuttle Buggy® MTV’s provides uniform remixing. The mixing action virtually eliminates temperature and particle segregation. Insuring a smoother, longer lasting end product.

The SBV-2500 Shuttle Buggy material transfer vehicle (MTV) is designed to “shuttle” between the hot mix asphalt haul truck and paver. Segregation problems are eliminated thanks to the machine’s remixing action. The Shuttle Buggy MTV also allows non-stop paving, which leads to a much smoother surface. The machine has a storage capacity of 22.7 metric tons, allowing the contractor to smooth out his truck cycles and reduce haul costs. Truck unloading capacity is rated at 907 metric tons/hour and paver loading capacity at 544 metric tons/hour.