Roadtec Mobile Brooms

Roadtec Front-Mount Broom
Roadtec Mid-Mount Broom

The Roadtec Broom is a solid, dependable, and durable heavy duty broom. It has an axle capacity of 6,350 kg that comes in at twice the strength of competing models. The telescoping broom head, front mounted on the FB 85 and mid mounted on the MB 85, allows the operator to switch brooms quickly. Our side shift feature prevents tire wear when sweeping next to a curb. You can mount the broom drive motor on the right or left side of the broom head. It’s switched over easily so you can flush-sweep on both sides. Sealed brakes, easy engine access and a well-designed cab add even more value.

Multiple broom heads for different brush widths are not required. With our design you can use brush sizes from 1,83 to 2,44 meter wide in one machine. The broom head can be hydraulically extended in and out to handle the brushes. This also allows the broom head to side shift to help keep your tires from rubbing against curbs and edges of milling cuts. A Tool free quick change broom head speeds up the process of changing broom cores and reduces complications.

Engine access is optimized allowing you to service the machine with ease. The hood covering the engine compartment can be lifted vertically providing excellent access to the engine, hoses, and filters. A temperature-controlled, pressurized cab, steering wheel tractor control, plus a fingertip control lever with push button controls will contribute to operator productivity. The pressurized cab includes filtered climate control, simple controls, and a windshield wiper to increase operator comfort and machine productivity.