Roadtec Mobile Milling Machines

Roadtec RX500
Roadtec RX700
Roadtec RX900

Roadtec Cold Planers are powerful, well balanced, high productivity, low cost machines to operate. Designed and built in the U.S.

Roadtec cold planers offer you solid design features, systems that are simple to troubleshoot, and parts that are non-proprietary and cost less. Exclusive features like our 60° conveyor swing to either side and the customer has a choice between 3 or 4-tracks. It can remove up to 360 mm of old road surfaces. Cutting width across the model ranges are from  61 cm to 381 cm. The maximum cutting depth offered is  360 mm. A number of cutter drums are available. These include Triple Wrap, Single Hit with Quick Change Tooth Holders Sollami® standard, Kennametal® and others. Drum type options are Profiling, Micromilling, Double-Hit. Engines across model ranges are  242 kW to 708 kW.

Machines are available in 3-Track or 4-Track versions with bolt-on Track Pads. Folding Conveyor for shorter transport length options available. Other exceptional features include Dual spray bars in cutter housing for better tool cooling, Operator platform mounted on shock absorbers, State-of the-art grade and slope controls and a Bi-directional capability. Cold-In-Place Recycling packages are available.

Variable Cutter System (VCSTM) on select models. Cutter housing is segmented and rear mold boards are hydraulically adjustable.Cutter width can be changed by only changing cutter housing. Engines are available in Tier 4i and Tier 3 for certain export markets.

The Roadtec RX-900 is equipped with a 708 kW Caterpillar® engine, this machine cuts up to 411cm wide and 35.5cm deep. The RX-900 is the best choice if you do lots of full-lane, high-production milling.

The Roadtec RX-700 features a 522 kW Caterpillar engine and capable of cuts up to 3 m wide and 35.6cm deep. The RX-700 is a good choice for the contractor who is looking for high output in a half-lane planer.

Roadtec’s RX-500 is the right choice if machine weight concerns and manoeuvrability are high on the agenda. It comes with a 470 kW Cummins engine and can cut up to 218cm wide and 33cm deep.

Roadtec’s RX-400 is the most compact planer in the line up. It has a rear-mounted drum, four tracks, and right-hand flush cut. Tailor-made for commercial applications and narrow projects such as road shoulders, the RX-400 cuts up to 152cm wide and 31cm deep. It features a 242 kW Caterpillar engine.