Roadtec Mobile Pavers

Roadtec RP190
Roadtec RP190
Roadtec Spray Paver

Roadtec pavers are built to give customers absolute dependability. While many pavers would be worn out after 10,000 hours, Roadtec pavers can last 20,000 hours and more. Roadtec use heavier steel than competitors and a solid plate construction on all models. Our customers experience minimal downtime and pavers achieve better ride smoothness, the machines have lower

maintenance costs, and the design is user-friendly. Your maintenance team plays a big role in keeping you profitable. They will like the excellent access we provide to all areas of the machine. The simplicity of our machine design allows maintenance work to be completed with ease. The Roadtec track system gives a smooth ride on a large footprint with excellent flotation and traction.

Roadtec rubber-tired pavers have great manoeuvrability, ride quality and traction. Roadtec pavers are a cut above the rest.

Spray Pavers

The SP-200e Spray Paver can be used for ultra-thin bonded wearing course applications or as a conventional paver. Ultra-thin bonded wearing course applications can be used on asphalt or concrete pavements as a preventive maintenance or surface rehabilitation treatment.

Due to the Roadtec Spray Paver’s spraying action it lets you lay down smooth, high-quality pavements as thin as 13 mm. An important advantage of thin overlays is the speed in which they are applied and the resulting minimal traffic disruption. Since there is no tack placed in front of the paving train, traffic can move freely in front of the train without tracking oil into adjacent streets and sidewalks. Unrestricted traffic can often be returned to the fresh surface within one half hour. This surface treatment is as effective for high-volume, high-speed roadways as it is for neighbourhood streets.

The Spray Paver™ sprays tack and applies hot mix asphalt seconds later. Combining spraying and laydown produces a high-quality mat with a strong bond between layers. The SP-200e is equipped with a 7,949 l tack tank, the largest tank available on the market today.  The SP-200e is used with a Roadtec Eagle® 10 screed for a maximum paving width of 5, 944 mm.