Trenchers & Road Miners

Chain Trenchers

Trencor Chain Trenchers

Trencor offers Mechanical drive Trenchers designed to cut through hard rock. Models range between 350Hp and 1250Hp delivering a maximum depth of 10m and a maximum width of 2.44m. Full Horsepower available at all chain speeds. Long life of the machine due to strong design coupled with economic running cost.

Trencor Wheel Trenchers

Trencor offers two state-of-the-art industry mechanical drive wheel trenchers for utility and pipeline work.

Trencor wheel trenchers feature extended length crawlers, fully enclosed and oil bath lubricated chain final drives, multiple drilled digging rims, and in most cases, double segmented rims. Direct mounted hydraulic hoist cylinders for optimum digging performance are standard on all models. Contractors have found that in certain conditions, one wheel trencher can replace an entire fleet of backhoes

Trencor Road Miners

While planers and profilers can only cut 8 to 15 inches deep, the Trencor Roadminer® can cut up to 16 feet wide and 5 feet deep in a single pass. Roadminer® eliminates blasting in most cases. The cut is clean, even, and ready for further construction. Uses include certain quarry operations, road construction, building foundation work, and mass rock removal. A Roadminer® cuts wider than its tracks, therefore making multiple passes possible, which produces a vertical wall.